Julie H. Margo

Full Spectrum Founder


How did I get here?

As long as I can remember, friends have come to me for a support and I have always appreciated the trust they offered in sharing with me. I believed that listening, supporting and giving advice was what I was "meant" to do, it felt completely natural. As I got older, the challenges my friends and I were meeting became more grown-up as well. I wanted to be able to offer more, to learn tools tools that could make a difference for myself and others.

In Junior High, I noticed the feeling of energy moving in my hands and while spending the night at my best friend house I asked her if she'd ever felt it anything like it. She wasn't sure and we just decided it was something cool and weird and went on with our seventh grade lives.

I've realized since, that I used to 'touch' that energy often, when I was bored or needed soothing and never really thought about it. When I had children, I started feeling this sensation more strongly—when I'd pick one of them up from a fall or kiss a boo-boo. Now my curiosity was piqued, however, in the busy-ness and joy of being a young mother personal exploration felt like a luxury I could not yet afford.

Fast forward to 2005; my husband and I joined a meditation group and there, I learned what I was experiencing. It was in this group that I met my Reiki Master and was attuned to level one Reiki in 2007. From the beginning, working with Reiki energy felt like returning home. To the present day I feel such gratitude and appreciation to be able to offer more than my compassion to those who came to me. From that point on I have worked with clients, attended regular Reiki shares with other practitioners and given myself Reiki daily.

In the winter 2008 I came across TAT® or Tapas Accupressure Technique® and knew that I'd found yet another tool I wanted to learn and share with others. Tapas Fleming, who discovered the TAT process, offers the following:

"... TAT reunites a person with parts of himself or herself that have been locked away or frozen in time. There are many ways to describe the results of TAT. Integration, harmony, peace, unity, connectedness, relatedness, oneness and wholeness are a few of the terms people have used to express how they feel after a TAT session."

~Tapas Fleming

When I found the purest Essential Oils I knew instinctively that I'd found the third element I was looking for in my spectrum of offerings. I have long been interested in essential oils and their properties and the more I come to know about the possibilities of supporting wellbeing with education, consistent purity and potency, the more excited I am to be able to work with essential oils.

I feel strong resonance between Reiki, TAT and essential oils in that with them all, my role is one of facilitator. Of holding space, being present and witnessing you as the being you are. My joy is sharing empowerment with others, teaching tools and ways of being that can allow greater peace and wholeness in being.

Julie MargoI am a Certified Reiki Master Teacher, a Certified Sacred Childbirth with Reiki™ Practitioner and is in the process of becoming a Certified TAT Practitioner. I use essential oils to support my wellbeing. Rounding out my time is freelance graphic design, webwork, pottery, family and playing with my goats and chickens.

I was a founding member the organizational committee for the Western Pennsylvania Reiki & Healing Fair and served for 3 consecutive years in many capacities (http://www.healingwithreiki.net ).

I've just recently received word that my seed planting, has born fruit. Alle-Kiski Medical Center has given the official 'go-ahead' for a Reiki Volunteer program in their facility. I am working with the volunteer coodinators at both AKMC and their sister hospital AGH to create a program that supports the highest good of all involved.