Meditation Walks

Come out to the farm and be...

Full Spectrum Meditation WalksMeditation walks at Full Spectrum Self are a feast for your senses. Walk through the meadows, the forest, near the pond all the while noticing the colors, plants, birds, and sounds around you.

Focus on your breath. Focus on the feel of the air against your skin, the sun on your shoulders. The feel of the ground under your feet.

Walk a winding path around the meadow that leads you into the fields, around and back to where you entered. Is there a difference in how you feel after your meander through the ever changing life cycle of a Western PA meadow. There is always something new blooming, going to seed or sprouting from spring until fall. Winter holds its own special mystery and quiet.

There is no better balm, in my opinion, to the daily busy-ness of life than to step into nature, reconnect and breathe.

Your love offering is appreciated.